We use the term harmonizers for two identical stone shapes of different composition that are used together. They can be in the shape of cylinders, spheres, or eggs. .This tradition of paired harmonizers comes from ancientEgypt. The pharaohs are often represented holding a cylinder ineach hand while surrounded by two divinities symbolizing ba andka energy polarities. A current of subtle energy runs throughthe body of the person holding the cylinders. The type ofenergizingand rebalancing effect of this energetic flow is related to the specific qualities of the different stones used.

The harmonizers created in Russia that you most often findare made of shungite and Karelian steatite. Steatite(soapstone) is a soft, grey stone that vibrates with the upper partof the energetic body and supports a good active exchange withshungite, which stimulates the lower part of the body. Thereare cylinders, spheres, and other shapes carved from these two minerals and originating from the same region.We also find other combinations of stones.

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  • Cylinders shungite + Steatite stone - they bring to a balance to the
  • Cylinders shungite + white jade
  • Shungite sphere + white jade sphere