Wearing shungite


 Wearing a pendant at the level of the heart chakra brings thestone into contact with a very receptive point and increases itsbeneficial effect.A necklace of shungite pearls, because of its size, will exercisea powerful effect on the whole energetic body.

Bracelets are also very effective because the wrist is traversedby many meridian lines. They are especially useful for those peoplewho are in contact with a computer mouse or a telephone allday. Bracelets can ward off numbness in the arm.

Earrings, although they are small in size, are useful in protectingthe ear from the impact of waves coming from cell phones orcordless phones.

You can also find cloth belts filled with shungite pebbles thatcan be worn around the waist or on painful or depleted areas.During convalescence they are very effective in restoring lostvitality to the whole body as well as during periods of sustained effort. Although such belts are very effective and invigorating,they are temporary measures and should not be used every day.If you begin wearing a belt, try it first for a few hours and thenincrease its use by stages. Listen to your body it knows its ownneeds and will be able to tell you when you don't need to wear thebelt any more.